We Can Expect A BIG REVEAL About The ‘MediEvil Remake’ Any Time Now


Surely everyone will remember last years’ PSX 2017 when Sony Interactive Entertainment had come out of left field, and they had announced that they were remaking the PlayStation classic, from the year, 1998 -MediEvil.

During a very recent episode from the PlayStation Blogcast podcast, it had been revealed that the Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios’s chairman, Shawn Layden, will appear on this show, and will also have an update on MediEvil.

It is not clear as of now what kind of news that Layden will bring to the table but it has been pitched as a “big update.” Considering the promise of the word, “big,” one can assume that it would be the announcement of the release date or even a second trailer that will reveal what this remake is all about.

The update had been saved for PSX 2018, but because Sony is not putting on a show this year, it is highly likely that they have a wave of updates and announcements that will be revealed over the next few months.

We can expect an update regarding the MediEvil Remake before the month ends. When Sony had announced the MediEvil Remake in December, last year, they did not give out a lot of information, and it was not clear how far in the development stage this project was.

MediEvil Remake is now in development for the PlayStation 4.