Meet Joker And Pennywise On Halloween: Courtesy Of Warner Bros.


This tour will give fans an opportunity to take a look at the sets, costumes, and stories from decades of scary movies from Warner Bros. and there will be appearances by the iconic Stephen King clown from It aka Pennywise, as was seen in the Andres Muschietti movie last year, and none other than the long-term enemy of Batman: The Joker.

The most likely choice to get things started is the haunted house from It which will make a creepy Halloween attraction, and Warner Bros. reportedly spent a great deal of time creating an interactive It haunted house close to the movie’s release to use as a viral marketing tool.

The Arkham Asylum, which will be presented the way it was seen in Batman: Arkham video games, is going to be another fantastic place to take fans to.

Given below is the Warner Bros. website description for the event and the two attractions themed after the famous clowns:

This Halloween season, get ready for the most terrifying event in Hollywood with the return of Horror Made Here: A Festival of Frights. We’re transforming the iconic backlot into a bone-chilling experience where some of Warner Bros.’ greatest horror movies and interactive entertainment will come alive. This year’s event will host even more dark mazes, scare zones, horror-themed activities, and plenty of food and drinks available throughout our creepy carnival.


  • Pennywise is looking forward to seeing you float in the Neibolt House from New Line Cinema’s blockbuster “It.” This year’s reimagined maze will contain new scares and be more terrifying because “It knows what scares you.”
  • New to the lineup of scares, The Joker™ has taken over Arkham Asylum and will decide your fate. Try to escape The Joker and a host of DC Super-Villains and find out what or who is waiting for you around each corner.

Exact dates and other details haven’t yet been revealed, but, fans visiting the website can sign up to get notifications of future details in their email.

For now, at least three films are in development which will feature The Joker, whereas there is only one for Pennywise, but, that one is all set to go into production, and there have been several announcements related to top cast members in last few weeks.

We anticipate further details regarding the upcoming slate of DC movies, It Chapter Two, and other things during the San Diego Comic-Con later in the month.