New Leaked Iron Man Endgame Images Reveal The Mark 85 Suit


Based on all that the fans have heard and seen, the upcoming MUC movie, Avengers: Endgame may be the character, Iron Man’s last film in the MCU, but if Tony Stark’s journey is finally coming to an end, then we can surely expect the character to come out in style.

This is the great vibe that we are all getting from the promotional photo leak, that comes via the Twitter account-MarvelFlix. While it is yet to be confirmed if this artwork is legit, this is not the very first leak that the Marvel fans have seen Robert Downey Jr.’s character that has been dressed in a gold and red suit and this has drawn comparisons to the Mark 85 suit.


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This Iron man suit seems to be in line with another image that had made its way online and has potentially shown the fans a second layer to this design, like the gold parts of this suit, had been stripped away for revealing the wiring beneath this suit. This being said, even if the fans assume that this is authentic, it is likely that a list of varying designs have been circulated BTS, making this a dubious game to actually try and match up one piece of the leaked artwork with another.

Before Tony Stark can actually get into the next outfit, he will have to escape his drift in space, and since the fans can assume that Iron Man is not going to spend his last movie suffocating to death, the matter of how Tony Stark will make his way back to Earth has been a huge question.

Avengers: Endgame will release on April 26th, 2019.