27 Amazing Images Of Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Wedding


Nick Jonas was born on September 16, in the year, 1992 and he is a very famous songwriter, singer, record producer and also an actor. He had started acting in theatre when he was seven years old and had also released his very first single in the year, 2002. Nick Jonas had released his debut album in the year, 2004 to very little success, although it had caught the attention of Columbia Records. He had then formed a band with his brothers, Joe and Kevin, and they were known as the Jonas Brothers. This group released their very first album called It’s About Time through the Columbia label in the year, 2006. After they had sung with Hollywood Records, this group had released the self-titled second studio album in the year, 2007, and this had become a breakthrough record. This band had then become a prominent figure on the Disney Channel.

Priyanka Chopra was born on 18 July, in the year, 1982 and her parents are Capt. Dr Ashok Chopra and also, Dr Madhu Chopra. The actress had a pretty varied upbringing, and she had started her education at La Martinière Girls College, and she had then prepared her for higher studies in the U.S. After she had completed her 10th in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., the actress, had made a decision to become a software engineer or a criminal psychologist.


Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra recently got married and in light of this, here are 27 pictures from their wedding:

1. Fun Moments!

2. Desi Girl!

3. The Sangeet Night!

4. Adorable!

5. Wow!

6. The Indian Rituals Are Just Awesome!

7. Lovely!

8. Beautiful!

9. The Performance!

10. Party!

11. Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Arriving in India!

12. Ethnic Attire!

13. Stunning!

14. Candid!

15. Jonas Brothers!

16. Gorgeous!

17. Exquisite!

18. Wonderful!

19. Fantastic!

20. Breathtaking!

21. Altogether!

22. The Sky Is Pink team plan a surprise party!

23. Spectacular!

24. Fabulous!

25. Best!

26. Phenomenal!

27. In Jodhpur!