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3 Main Characters And Actors Rumored To Return In Willow 2 – “It’s a Sequel” – Ron Howard!


The film buffs say that the era of “Swords and Magic” movie is bygone, and few recent films have proven that categorically. How can we all forget the “Conan” reboot back in 2014; it was an abomination! But it looks

10 Epic Actors From Original Movie Are Returning For “TOP GUN 2”


Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise have been teasing the Top Gun fans from past few years for the sequel. However, Jerry has recently confirmed on his Twitter that Top Gun 2 is actually in production, the script is ready, and

7 Actors Eyed For 80’s Hit Toon “Silverhawks” Live-Action Movie (2018)


1. Quicksilver – Andrew Lincoln


2. Steelwill – Chris Pratt

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10 Stunning Actresses From 1980’s That Ushered Us Into Manhood!


The 1980s were all about making things huge. This was inclusive of huge hair, huge shoulders, huge pays and huge egos. It was a fabulous time; there were no cell phones, no Facebook and no flash drives containing several movies.

4 Reasons – Trekkies Started To Love Battlestar Galactica More Than Star Trek!


The Star Trek fans are faced with a new dilemma ever since they got hooked on to Battlestar Galactica. As expected, the comparisons are sure to happen. But the disturbing part for the ‘Trekkers’ is that they are developing a

7 Facts About Most Influential Sith – “Darth Bane: The Creator “Rule Of Two.”


3. The Sith’ari – “The Chosen One.”

Master Kopecz saw Dessel and perceived how the force was strong with him, so solid that he instantly believed that he was the Sith’ari. The Sith’ari was “the chosen one” of the Sith

12 Rare Retro Toys Worth More Than An Average Car!


Did you know that the worldwide toy industry is valued at $84.1 billion?! Furthermore, the US claims 25% of that, with $21.2 billion in sales every year. We played with toys as kids. However, did you realize that if you

10 Crucial Points On Nintendo ‘Switch’ Will Help You Decide To “Buy It Or Not”


Buzz about the Nintendo Switch has been generated by more than a year of hints and rumors which teased yet kept a lot more under wraps. However, it was only back in October 2016 that Nintendo officially announced its new

13 Real-Life Awkward Deaths Related To Power Rangers Cast : “Curse of Power Rangers”


Mostly, a vast majority of us grew up with Power Rangers. It has 23 seasons added to its brilliant repertoire, and the show has been airing for one of the lengthiest times. Furthermore, many actors have played our favorite characters.

10 Most Liked, Shared And Viral Pictures Of Kaley Cuoco From 2016!


Kaley Cuoco is one of the most expensive actress of all time in the TV industry, internationally! All thanks to her fantastic acting and vibrant personality that we got to witness in her hugely successful sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”