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The Real Doomsday Didn’t Die In Batman v Superman: Zack Snyder


In reply to a question whether the nearly invincible Superman villain was destroyed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the movie’s director Zack Snyder remarked on Vero, “yes the real doomsday is out there still.”

In that movie,

These Two Unexpected Heroes Team Up With Punisher To Destroy Hydra


Back when Frank Castle tried out the War Machine armor for the first time, he went for a trip to a war-torn foreign nation ruled by a dictator. Without being afraid of any repercussions, Frank did what he is best

Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame Will Soon Induct Stan Lee and J.K. Rowling


Their induction will be in the MoPOP’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame exhibition later in the year.

The 95-year-old Stan Lee is arguably the most influential comic book writer ever, and he is renowned for being the co-creator

Have A Look At These Shark Riding Atlanteans In This Mind-Blowing Aquaman Movie First Look


If you are thinking men riding huge sharks, then you are right. The image shows men riding sharks and also an army of armed Seadragons. This is amazing.

The new image was shared by EW yesterday, alongside some of the

Here Is How Avengers: Infinity War Writers Would Fix DCEU


Markus and McFeely came with Smith for a live event, wherein they recorded the podcast with a live audience. The writer duo responded to a number of questions regarding Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. Although,

Lucifer Season Four Will Come On Netflix


Lucifer has been a major hit all over the world, but, was always under risk at FOX due to not so pleasant ratings in U.S. Right from the time it got canceled in May, fans had been campaigning for it,

20 Game Of Thrones Memes To Prove There Is No Logic In The Show


Game of Thrones happens to be such a rare fantasy show which has not only given top quality content and gripping narrative. It won’t be wrong to say that the current audience interest in fantasy projects is greatly courtesy of

Avengers: Infinity War – This Might Be The Reason Why Thanos Knows Tony Stark


It won’t be wrong to say that barring Winter Soldier; there is no other MCU film which had as big a twist towards the end as Avengers: Infinity War. The film has done so well that it has

Shocker: Real Father Of Tony Stark Is Here And No, He Is Not Howard Stark


We all thought Tony was the son of famous industrialist Howard Stark, but, that’s not the real truth. Get ready to be shocked!

Spoiler Alert – This article has major spoilers for Invincible Iron-Man #600. You have been warned.

20 Hilarious Iron Man Vs Captain America Memes To Prove That Civil War Is Still Raging


We have been with Iron Man and Captain America in all situations, across the numerous films that came out during the last ten years of MCU. They went on to fight aliens, robots as well as an undercover society, but,