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13 Actors Who Could Have Been American Doctor Who!


Doctor Who TV show was established in the United Kingdom more than 50 years back, and it looks like people can’t get enough of it because the show is still going on! Doctor Who was primarily created for the audience

4 Exceptionally Hot Actresses Are Part Of The Upcoming X-Men TV Show “The GIFTED”


Bryan Singer’s Gifted has launched its first full trailer and it looks distinctly awesome! We have seen Bryan’s magic in multiple X-Men movies, and he is going to create the same impact on the small screen with “The Gifted”. This

7 Most Sensuous Females Cosplayers.


“Cosplay” originates from the expressions “costume” and “play”. It has, lately given rise to heated discussion. The allegations are that the practice tends towards the sexist: With beautiful ladies taking on the appearance of sensuous female versions of fantasy characters

7 Reasons To Be Hyped For Star Trek Discovery.


Star Trek: Discovery will go where no Trek TV series has gone before: straight into the universe of internet streaming thereby bypassing a customary broadcast in favor of being down with the kids.

It’s a striking move for the

9 Ways How Star Wars Episode 9 Will End


Star Wars Episode IX may not release until May of 2019, but we have enough information to give us a really smart idea of how this trilogy is bound to end.

As it is, Disney has been faithful to

Is He Coming Back? – Hayden Christensen Is Attending Star Wars Celebration Event In Colorado!


When the original Star Wars movie was releasing back in the day, nobody thought that this film is one day going to become world’s most profitable movie franchise. Star Wars production unit have fought tooth and nail to keep this

The Top 10 Cast Of The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Where They Are Now


How about we look at the stars of the Star Wars prequels and analyse how their professions have changed since their adventures in a galaxy far, far away. This is The Top 10 Cast Of The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy:

8 Ways On How Star Wars: The Trilogy Will End


With The Force Awakens behind us and two more episodes to go, what can we anticipate from the current Star Wars trilogy? Episode VIII, which will release on December 15, is directed by Rian Johnson. Furthermore, IX has Colin Trevorrow

12 Pictures Of A Professional Nurse, Who Is Now Knows As “World’s Hottest Nurse”


For some reason, men get attracted to Nurses, and the attraction not just physical, they even get emotionally attached pretty easily! What if you mix the caring and understanding nature of a Nurse with the body Kate Upton? You get

10 Untold Facts About Wolverine.


In case you’ve heard about Wolverine only from the films or mainline X-Men comics, you truly don’t know him at all. The character began with a humble background. However, Logan (real name: James Howlett) has become one of Marvel Comics’