Rambo 5’s Weird Scrapped Sci-fi Horror Script Is Now Going To Become A Movie


The Rambo 5 movie which was previously kept on hold as a sci-fi horror concept is now on talks of coming to the big screen soon under Sylvester Stallone’s production venture. The story of the novel Hunter is presumed to be adapted for this movie by Sylvester Stallone, for which he has gained the rights. Even though the movie is not directly a part of the Rambo series, the story still involves Sylvester, locking horns with an Arctic beast, which seems to be an exciting concept.

Balboa Productions, which is Sylvester Stallone’s presently formed production company will be in charge of the movie Hunter, which has been on the board for almost a decade now. During the initial stage of the movie’s planning, the story was supposedly said to be a new chapter in the Rambo series, however, this concept never came to pass.

The gist of the story Hunter is that it is about a man named Nathaniel Hunter, an expertise tracker, recruited by the military in a desperate mission to capture a beast in the Arctic Circle. The beast is a creation of a freak accident by a renegade agency, which is wreaking havoc. The movie is said to be financed by Starlight Cultural Entertainment, a Chinese Financier, in collaboration with Balboa production and is said to be the financier for a few other movies as well.