RDJ Drives The Internet Crazy With New Iron Man And Captain America BFF Image


There is nothing sweeter and better than love between co-stars, especially when they are co-stars of the popular MCU.

Robert Downey Jr., who is well-known to all the MCU fans as the character, Iron Man aka, Tony Stark had shared an image and also tagged Chris Evans on it.


“BFFs let you share their umbrellas, right @ChrisEvans?” Downey Jr. had written.

He had included an image of Captain America protecting Tony Stark with his shield.

Chris Evans is yet to reply to this, but we can imagine that he is recovering from the intense Twitter battle about chips with Don Cheadle.

We might be waiting on Evans’ reply to RDJ’s tweet, but there are a lot of great responses from all the fans, who had been delighted by the content.

“How friggin cute!” @RavenFyre143 had written.

“STONY IS ALIVE,” @naynanjani had replied.

Comicbook.com recently taken a poll regarding who the fans wanted to see alive after Endgame-Iron Man or Captain America, and Tony had emerged victorious.

Avengers: Endgame will release on April 26th. Other upcoming MCU movies include Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th. Captain Marvel is currently playing in theatres everywhere.