25 Epic Reimaginations Of Superheroes As Babies That Are Way Too Adorable


Many comic book fans love to associate their favourite superheroes as hot, sexy and young, people who are always at the peak of their power, strength and abilities. The world of comic books has also been narrating stories and plots about the superheroes who are old. The comic book geeks have seen what happens when characters like Wolverine, Superman, Peter Quil and Batman, grow old and when they have been fighting for too long.

Well, the results are not quite great, but they are surely very inspiring. Take The Dark Knight Returns for example. Here, the fans we saw an aging Bruce come out of his retirement and also haunt Gotham City.


The DC fans even saw the plight of an old Superman who had been serving as a corrupt U.S. government. Clark Kent was seen being broken in body, but honestly, in spirit, he was just trying to figure out if he had even helped earth.

Today, we will go backwards and look through a few of our favourite superheroes, as younger versions of themselves. By younger, we do not mean superheroes in their 20’s and 30’s. YOUNG! Like way young!

These epic fan artworks have hilariously reimagined all of our favourite superheroes as pre-teens, toddlers, and babies.

1. Ooh, The Nightmare!

2. Aww!

3. That’s right!

4. Oops!

5. Haha!

6. So Busy!

7. Haha!

8. Cute!

9. Adorable!

10. LOL! And Is That Avatar Child!

11. Oh No!

12. Perfect balance!

13. Hell, Yeah!

14. Woah!

15. Team May!

16. The Lunch Time!

17. Once A Stark, Always A Stark!

18. The Playground!

19. Baby Avengers!

20. Crazy!

21. LMAO!

22. The Flash!

23. Super Cute!

24. Superheroes As Kids!

25. The Nightmares!