33 Funny Robert Downey Facebook Posts Which Prove He Is A Real Life Tony Stark


Many superheroes can be acted and played the part by other actors, however when it comes to the character of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, only Robert Downey Jr, can pull it off as a natural! Despite wearing a superhero suit that completely masks his identity, Robert Downey as Tony Stark, has no problem in admitting to being the superhero Iron Man, in fact one would say he’s proud about it. Just as how he’s comically chauvinistic and charming yet a splendour in action, on-screen, Robert Downey Jr. as an individual off-screen, is as close to being like the real Tony Stark in his life.

Being the major franchise of Marvel Universe, the Iron Man movie saw Robert Downey Jr. debut in the first of the series, in the year 2008. Upon first impression, he won millions of hearts as the mechanical billionaire superhero and was a super hit among audiences around the world. Ever since, Robert Downey is considered one among the top stars in Hollywood and has become one of the front face of Marvel Universe. Here are a few social-media posts from his very own profile handle, which proves he is a Tony Stark in his real life as well!

Ohh Yeah!



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Pretty Good Impressionist!

It’s Blue Time!


Rollin Out!!


Tub Invites!!

Awesome Crime Fighting Trio!


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Disney Deal!


Screw You!

Nice Holidays!

The Possibilities!

Fun Time!!


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Inspiration For Inception!

Iron Maiden!

Ironing Man!

Super Good Chemistry!

It’s Gonna Be Chilly!

He Has Got Some Badass Ladies in His Life!

The Best One!

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Stark Magnetism Never Fails!



Mr. Peanut!


Funny Hairstyles!

Stark Week!

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The Competition!


It’s Fine!