Here’s How The Iron Man Actor, RDJ Overcame Drug Abuse And Became The World’s Best Actor


The MCU actor, Robert Downey Jr had starred in his very first movie at the tender age of 5. RDJ had made his debut drag of the marijuana with his father when he was 6 years old.

This had been the start of a huge downward spiral, and this had led to a whole lot of arrests, and he had spent a lot of time in prison. The Iron Man actor had also spent some time in rehab as well. RDJ is a very famous actor, and he had a whole lot of inimitable performances in his repertoire. RDJ has topped the Forbes’ list of Hollywood’s as the highest-paid actors for 3 consecutive years.


Other than the actor’s amazing talent and also his trademark quirk, the story of how RDJ had turned his life around and had gotten back on his feet is very inspiring.

After he had starred in many movies when he was 10 years old, the actor had learnt classic ballet and had also studied performing arts.

RDJ had been 17 years old when his parents had gotten divorced, and this had resulted in him dropping out from high school for pursuing a career in the field of acting.

This decision of his had seemed to pay off for some time. RDJ’s breakout and standout performance without question had been the 1992-film, called Chaplin, and for this, he had trained extensively, and this had included learning to play the instrument, the violin and also left-handed tennis.

The actor’s performance had then gone on to earn him an Oscar nomination. It had been the actor’s role in Less Than Zero that had fuelled a downfall. The actor had played the role of a rich drug-addict whose life spirals were out of control.

In a very recent interview, Downey Jr had said:

“the role was like the ghost of Christmas Future” as it had resulted in him becoming an “exaggeration of the character” in real life.

RDJ had then founded this habit very difficult to get rid of. Between the year, 1996 and the year, 2003, he had been arrested many for many times for drug-related charges as well.

In the year, 1996, he had been booked for speeding down Sunset Boulevard while he had been in possession of heroin, cocaine, and also a handgun.

Then, one month later, RDJ had been arrested for trespassing into his neighbour’s house and then passing out on their bed. He had been under the influence of a controlled substance.

It had been around this time, that RDJ had starred in the TV show called Ally McBeal and this had earned him a Golden Globe.

However, the repeated jail and arrests time had meant that RDJ had to be fired from the subsequent seasons of this show.

The actor had lost out on many films also. Woody Allen could not really cast RDJ in a film because he could not get insurance. Mel Gibson had to also cancel his stage production of the show, Hamlet for the very same reasons.

RDJ’s personal life had been in total turmoil as well. The actor’s relationship with the actress and singer, Sarah Jessica Parker had ended because of RDJ’s drug abuse and also his marriage with Deborah Falconer had ended in divorce.

Then, he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and also depression.

At this point, RDJ’s career and also his personal life had been in doldrums.

This is when the actor had made a decision to pull himself back together.

With a whole lot of help from Susan Levin, whom the actor had then married, he had been able to put all his problems behind him.

Mel Gibson, who is a very close friend ever since they had starred in Air America, had offered to pay the insurance money for The Singing Detective. It had paid off as the film had done well and had also paved the way for RDJ’s return into mainstream films. One of the producers had withheld 40% of the actor’s salary until after the production had been wrapped as insurance against his behaviour.

The actor had then done many memorable roles during this time, like the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The year, 2008 had been the year when everything had changed for the actor. RDJ had starred in two movies – Iron Man and also, Tropic Thunder. After this, with all RDJ’s drug-issues way beyond him, the world had been forced to take notice of the actor.

The director of Iron Man, Jon Favreau had been adamant that he wanted RDJ in the lead. He had believed that only RDJ could play the role of Iron Man.

This decision had been a genius movie and had proven to be a masterstroke, and this film had earned $500 million worldwide.

The actor had then sizzled in Tropic Thunder. The next year, RDJ had starred in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, and this film had earned $500 million.