33 Incredibly Hilarious Scarlet Witch Memes Get You Laughing Like Crazy


Being the forefront dominator of box office cinema in Hollywood, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever since, been an integral part of superhero movies in the vastness of action-pumped adrenaline rushing sequential scenes as part of each of their production numbers. As everything may seem perfect in terms of characterization in the Marvel Universe, it is usually broken down to individually selecting the right actor for a particular character which in the case of less prominent heroes has been quite the challenge. One such character is Scarlet Witch, who is supposedly the first female protagonist as part of the Avengers team. The role of Scarlet is played by actress Elizabeth Olsen. Usually, the design for a superhero is replicated from the comic book version, however, as an exception, Scarlet’s design was done from scratch.

Elizabeth Olsen debuted as Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch in the movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, in which she was seen as part of Ultron but later joined the Avengers side, after coming to know Ultron’s evil scheme of getting rid of all humans. Her second coming was in the movie Captain America: Civil War. Her robust characterization and origination in the comic book, made Elizabeth Olsen, an actress with a huge following, in addition to being a part of many memes. She is recently seen cast in the new Avengers: Infinity War as again, Scarlet Witch. Here are top 33 memes of Scarlet Witch, which we have compiled and gathered for you!

33. Haha!

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32. Awww!

31. That’s Right!

30. Whoa!

29. Admit It!

28. That Moment!

27. Street Corner!

26. Ohh Yeah!

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25. Poor Wanda!

24. Nooo!

23. The Conversation!

22. He’s Fast, She’s Weird!

21. Oops!

20. Lol!

19. Who Would Win!

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18. Reality!

17. She Loves Robots!

16. Crazy!

15. She Got Him!

14. Civil War Chat!

13. Poof!

12. LMAO!

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11. Funny!

10. Oh No!

9. Hilarious!

8. What The Hell Is A Mutant!

6. Witches Love Paprika!


5. The Realisation!

4. Graceful!

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3. Sad!

2. On Set!

1. Awww!