Space Jam 2 Is A Reboot And This Major Basketball Superstar Is The Lead


The under-production Space Jam film starring LeBron James is being called a franchise reboot, instead of being a sequel to the original film from 1996. A sequel to the iconic basketball theme movie has been in development for a long time and was once rumoured to be a potential project for the Fast & Furious director Justin Lin. After years of rumors and guesses, the project is finally moving forward in the right direction. We heard about Terrence Nance being in talks to make the movie last month, and the Black Panther maker, Ryan Coogler became associated as a producer.

Iconic sequels and nostalgia are the top trends in contemporary pop-culture, and it is obvious why Warner Bros. is keen to make a new Space Jam film. The first movie remains a landmark for millennials who had grown up with it, and now that the NBA’s popularity has soared further, viewers must be happy to see the property get revived. There are no plot details available as of now (especially since these are early days of development), but, a few important details have emerged about the film’s story.

The Hollywood Reporter did a feature regarding the rising stature of James in Hollywood, and it revealed that James, as well as his business manager Maverick Carter, have stated that their Space Jam movie is not a sequel, and that makes it a full-fledged reboot. They are hoping that the film will do well enough to lead to sequels.

As we know that the new movie is separate from the continuity of the 1996 movie, it will be great to see how the two movies would be different. The original Space Jam featured the NBA icon Michael Jordan who teamed up with the Looney Tunes to win a game of basketball, and although James’ version is expected to be on the similar lines, there are bound to be some visible differences. It is going to be a shame and a wastage of the talent) if the reboot turns out to be an identical remake of the original. We think it would benefit the project that Coogler is on board and he has already proven the capability of giving fresh twists to iconic narratives in the past. (check how Creed redefined the Rocky franchise). All the people involved with the new Space Jam are committed to making a great film, and that’s why James and team must be able to weave their magic.

We are delighted to see the next Space Jam film being made, fans still need to wait for a long time before it hits the big screen. Filming is unlikely to start before next summer during the NBA offseason. The reason why James was signed on by the LA Lakers was to support his rising graph in Hollywood, but, his main job is still the more important thing than making a film. Once the Lakers’ are through with their season, James will be free to change gears and make Space Jam.