REPORT: Chrises At Star Trek 4 As Chris Hemsworth And Chris Pine Leave Due To Pay Dispute


The Hollywood Reporter claims that actors Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth have exited the Star Trek 4 as discussions have failed. According to THR, the talks eventually failed due to money because Pine and Hemsworth wanted the studios to continue their existing deals for the movie. However, Paramount was not keen to stick to the apparent deals in a bid to control the budget, because the Star Trek franchise is not earning as much as the actors’ Marvel or DC projects.


Pine was scheduled to return for his fourth performance as Captain Kirk, and he has been a part of the franchise since the reboot in 2009. Hemsworth was to be back as Kirk’s father, George Kirk, who had died in the first movie, but, was to feature in this film as it has a time-travel storyline. Pine had signed for the fourth movie when he was initially cast in the franchise, confirming he had a deal in place. However, it is not known whether or what deal did Hemsworth sign. His role in the first film was brief, and he has never been officially announced as a part of the project, despite there being rumors about his comeback since 2016.

On the part of Paramount, it is sensible that they wish to keep track of the budget. Star Trek is a highly loved property, but, its theatrical reboot hasn’t done well, and the last movie Star Trek Beyond earned only $343 million globally against a huge budget of $185 million (For the sake of comparison, Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness both made only $467 million worldwide).

At the moment, the franchise might recast these two roles. Or Pine and Hemsworth restart their talks with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media. As of now, the future of Kirk in Star Trek 4 is hazy.

Even after losing two of the stars, Paramount is unlikely to cancel the fourth film. The movie is a priority and director S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones) is still attached to it.