Here Is The First Look AT Star Wars Live-Action TV Show Set Photos, Filming Starts Shortly


The live-action Star Wars TV series directed by Jon Favreau is gearing up to start filming, as is proved by the set photos. Apparently, filming on the under-wraps show is set to commence next week, and we expect to hear about casting and brief plot details soon. Not much is known about the TV series by Favreau, apart from the fact that it is based after the Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens, and that is not helping much.

It is also not known where exactly is this Star Wars Live-Action TV show going to be filmed. The set seems to be a recreation of planet Tatooine, with identical architecture and a sandy surface. Jon Favreau also appears in one of the images, but, there is not much information to be derived from the photos. The set designers are Doug Chiang and Andrew L. Jones (Jungle Book production designers), and it seems that these two are at home at Star Wars.


According to rumors, the under-production show will be based on planet Mandalore, three years after the Empire fell. The planet is in a state of anarchy, resulting various factions of Mandalorian society, with clashing different points of views about future, as seen in the Clone Wars and Rebels.the rumors regarding this Jon Favreau series are more fascinating since it has been announced by Disney and Lucasfilm that The Clone Wars series will make a comeback. However, it is not known as who is cast in the show, so everyone is speculating about the possible subject of the show.

Jon Favreau is the executive producer and writer of  this Star Wars Live-Action Show and he will also direct a few of the episodes, and there will be others to take care of the remaining. Disney and Lucasfilm have successfully kept the show under wraps, and it is not unusual, but, it is great to see that they have created the sets and still not announced the cast. The success of Rebels and The Clone Wars has made us hopeful that Star Wars fans will welcome the live-action TV series. The show will premiere on Disney’s streaming platform.

Past reports mentioned that the Star Wars Live-Action Show would start filming in the fall, and we might see the cameras starting to roll as early as next week. In case, production starts as soon as reported, we must at least get some cast and title information within the next few days. We must remind you that this has not been confirmed, but, the sets give the impression that they are ready to witness action soon. You can take a look at some of the set images as well as a photo of Jon Favreau below, courtesy of Making Star Wars.