Dave Bautista Ready for ‘Suicide Squad 2’ With James Gunn


All the superhero fans had been surprised with an all-new report that the director, James Gunn is now in talks to pen and helm the Suicide Squad 2 for DC and Warner Bros. Pictures, but this is no surprise as he has the support of Dave Bautista.

Bautista was very vocal about supporting Gunn after he had been fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. He had taken to Twitter and showed his support for Gunn moving to DC Films.


Gunn is now being tapped by DC Films for helming the superhero franchise and Suicide Squad 2 is just one of the many projects for the DCEU. Gavin O’Connor had been reported to oversee this movie but this might not come to pass. Gunn has also closed a deal to write the script for the movie, Suicide Squad 2.

As for Dave Bautista, he stood by James Gunn from the start of the Guardians of the Galaxy woes which had started in July when a few of this director’s old tweets had resurfaced. Bautista’s support for Gunn has made many wonder if Dave Bautista may also be fired by Disney.

“No, I’m aware that this could possibly cost me a job that I care for very much, but at the same time it’s an integrity issue,” Bautista had said.

“It’s also a loyalty issue, so now I’m not going to… I’m not [going to] bite my tongue or anything. That’s just who I am as a person.”

As for the movie, Suicide Squad 2, Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie might not be a sequel.