Super Nintendo Theme Park At Universal Studios Starts Construction


A new report claims that the construction for Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo-themed park is now underway.

This report has landed from LADbible, and they had posted the very first construction images of the spot where the Nintendo park will be coming to life. It seems like the park will be ready by 2020.

This park had been announced with many exhibits that were based on popular Nintendo brands, like Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Mario Kart and many more. It has a long way to before it really does come to fruition, but Universal and Nintendo have a lot of huge plans to bring the fans into this gaming experience.

This deal is very similar to the one that Warner Bros. had struck for creating the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at many Universal parks.

The Financial expert, Dan Kline had also given a few inputs as to why these parks will be super beneficial to Universal and Nintendo. This will help these brands in excelling with their fans.


“We know there will be a Mario Kart ride,” he had said.

“About a month ago it became public that Universal Studios is building a fourth gate, another theme park, and they’ve amassed a big chunk of land to do that. It’s very logical to think that Nintendo is going to be the cornerstone, the Harry Potter of this new park.”

We may get a lot more news in terms of exhibits that may be introduced, and these include ones that are based on Super Smash Bros and Star Fox.