Supergirl Stars, Melissa Benoist And Chris Wood Get Engaged


The Supergirl stars, Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist, are now engaged. Benoist, who plays the role of the main superheroine on The CW show, had shared the news on Instagram with an image that had featured Benoist showing off her engagement ring and Wood is seen kissing her temple.

Benoist had captioned this photo as, “yes yes yes it will always be yes,” and Wood had shared this image and captioned it, “the happiest”.


Benoist and Wood had first met on the set of the show, Supergirl when Wood had been cast as Mon-El, a Daxamite prince who was on Earth when the destruction of Krypton had led to the devastation of his home planet. While Mon-El and Supergirl had a pretty rocky start, the pair had become friends and then love interests on this show. This relationship had then ended when Mon-El had been forced to leave Earth at the end of season 2. He then returned in Season 3 and ended up in the future where he had helped in forming Legion of Super-Heroes, and he had married Imra Ardeen. Wood had then departed this series in Season 3, and his friendship with Supergirl had been restored.

“The plan for Chris was always to have him on the show for two years,” Rovner had said.

“We’ve loved telling Mon-El’s story, as well as the story we’ve told for him and Kara. We hope the fans felt that it was a satisfying conclusion.”

The executive producer, Jessica Queller had hoped that all the fans enjoyed this story that they have told about the two superheroes:

“They both have destinies in different times as heroes,” Queller had said.

“What they did was the sort-of Casablanca decision of putting what’s most important to them — which is saving the world — first. It’s a little bittersweet that one destiny is to be a hero in this time and one’s destiny is to run the Legion in another time, but I think they grew a lot from knowing one another. They have respect for one another, and they have a respect for the decisions they respectively made.”

Benoist had been married to the Glee co-star, Blake Jenner and had after marrying him in the year, 2013, they had filed for divorce in the year, 2016.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.