33 Reimagined Images Of Superheroes In Their Old Age


When we think of superheroes, we immediately think of strong, fit and young men and women. These human beings are superpowered and have powers like super strength, durability, speed, enhance vision, long life and even magic at times.

Black Widow, for example, is a young and hot female superhero who has extreme strength and long life. Yet another example is Superman with his physically fit body and young face. Most of us think superheroes as young and capable people. Very rarely do we come across very old superheroes. Yes, Marvel has been known to have issues like Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye, but even in these comic books, both the characters are seen to be still able to use their superpowers. They are not senile or bed-ridden. They are in almost-perfect form and still possess speed and super strength.


Superhero fans have imaginations that are higher than the skies. They always like to take their favourite superheroes and place them in various situations. Over the past few years, many fans have tried to give superheroes the old age treatment with a funny twist. Marvel’s Loki, Thor, Iron Man, etc. and D’s Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc. have been reimagined in their old age, doing normal humanly things that any other old aged person would do. These 33 epic images of superheroes in their old age will make you laugh:

Ohh, Still The Flash!

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Uh Oh, Spider-Man!

Joker Still Needs To Have That Make-Up!

Haha, Catwoman!

Old Superman Scaring off The Bird!

Be Careful, Thor!

Loki, Black Widow, And Hulk

Aww, Captain America

Poor, Batman

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Wonder Woman And Supergirl Chilling Out Together!

Daredevil With His Dog!


Oh Yeah, Black Widow Has Still Got It!

Kitty Pryde New look!

Rogue Is Disappointed!

The Cool Hulk!

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The Iconic Duo!

Captain America, Reporting For Duty Sir!

The Punisher!

Ripped and Old!

Classic Batman!

Sad, Iron Man

Oh No!

Still Smashing!

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Still Running!

Old Man Logan!

Not A Bit Changed, Deadpool!

Doctor Strange Playing Chess With Genie!


Haha, Harley Quinn!

Tony Stark, the playboy!

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Superman, Partying Off!