6 Times Beloved Superheroes Became Evil And Tried To Rule The World


We love Superheroes for their bravery and righteousness. They continuously keep us safe from the evil elements and beat cosmic threats to ensure that Earth keeps going. This makes people want to become like the superheroes, but, there have been instances when the superheroes have been corrupted. As Harvey Dent had said, “Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”

Different situations result in different responses, and consequently, we see how some of the mightiest heroes turn brutal villains. Here we are going to look at six superheroes who went rogue and tried to dominate the world.

6. Professor X

Professor X has been responsible for a number of remarkable things, but, his biggest feat is wiping out Magneto’s memory. This, however, went wrong for the Professor who ended up adopting the negative vibes from Magneto, and those remained in his brain for a long time.

This resulted in the Professor becoming a villain with the evil mind of Magneto and the powers of Professor X. He was known as Onslaught, and he aimed to rule the world. The entire Marvel Universe had to join hands to stop him.

5. Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is among the most noble heroes from DC, but, he became insane after Mongul landed on Earth and destroyed his city. Hal went nuts and recreated the city along with his family and friends by using the Green Lantern ring’s power.

Ultimately the Green Lantern Corps captured him, but, he was not willing to stop at anything, and he called himself Parallax. He further endeavored to murder the Green Lantern Corps.

4. Deadpool murdered the Marvel universe.

Here was an issue which revealed the things that Deadpool could do if the voices occupying his mind ordered him to kill. He killed everyone and ultimately even murdered the literary characters which they were based upon.

Deadpool redid history and became the leader of the whole world and rather than a normal reality, in Deadpool’s universe, everybody happened to be Deadpool. Finally, another Deadpool who was created as a result of his own actions stopped this Deadpool.

3. Thor

Thor is a Norse God who only gained more strength with age. In the reality of Earth 3515, Thor relocated Asgard over New York to stay in proximity of Earth, but, humans were not happy with it. It resulted in humans attacking Asgard, and this was followed by Thor’s retaliatory attack. He rebuilt Asgard and merged it with New York. The situation worsened with time, and within 100 years, Thor took over the whole planet. There was nobody who could stop him, but, a lot of them tried.

2. Wonder Woman

DC’s mightiest villain was Darkseid, and he is someone whose desire is to rule the whole universe. He had almost become successful during the Final Crisis where he ruled over a number of superheroes. Wonder Woman became the chief of his armies and became a dangerous monster. She battled next to Darkseid and was later cured of the demonic state, but, this was only after both of them lorded over almost the whole world.

1. Justice League: Gods and Monsters

This turned out to be an animated film where some characters were modified. Superman was shown as the son of General Zod who tried fulfilling his father’s legacy, and Batman was shown to be a dangerous vampire and scientist known as Kirk Langstorm. Wonder Woman was a nasty and barbaric ruler.

Jointly these three succeed in controlling the world with a desire to turn it into a utopia. However, it was well-known that these superheroes had secret motives and they didn’t think of them as heroes, but, as tyrants.