27 Amazing Man Of Steel Fan-Castings That Are Better Than The Real Deals


Becoming a superhero is not really for everyone and anyone. It is almost impossible to actually maintain many healthy relationships, and well, the pay is also pretty non-existent. Pretending to be a superhero can also be a little lucrative and also a great career boost for an actor or an actress. The one exception to this rule is for the few actors who have played the role of Superman over the past few years. Although it can offer a huge jump in the person’s career, they have to deal with the very idea that no matter what they actually do, they would be known as Superman for the rest of his lives. For a few, it is a huge burden, and they will never turn down this opportunity.

For many other actors, they had just missed out on playing the role of Man of Steel, and this had left all the fans wondering if they would have actually been a much better choice than the actor who had ended up in the suit. While a few of these names are well-known, there are many who are surprises. How many of us knew that Muhammad Ali had been one of the names that had been short-listed? Although the fans had been split on the opinions of Superman actor, Henry Cavill, things could have actually gone pretty badly with a few other Clark Kents. In light of this, here are 27 amazing Man of Steel fan-castings that are better than the real deals:

Zachary Levi


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Will Smith

Vin Diesel

Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson

Taron Egerton

Ryan Reynolds

Roman Reigns

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Robert Downey Jr.

Paul Walker

Patrick Wilson

Oscar Isaac

Nicolas Cage

Michael B. Jordan

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Matt Bomer

Ken Jeong

Jon Hamm

John Cena

Joe Manganiello

Jared Padalecki

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Jake Gyllenhaal

Idris Elba

Sylvester Stallone

Donald Glover

Colin O’ Donoghue

Chris Pratt

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Brendan Fraser

Ben Affleck