Superman Had Once Made Out With Someone On Lois Lane’s Grave. This Is How It Happened


Well, most fans can agree that the Man of Steel, Superman can at times be a total jerk. Yes, Superman may have saved the whole world, but there have been a few times when this superhero has hurt Lois Lane and once he even killed her during childbirth. He then went on to make out with another woman on her grave.

All Lois Lane wanted was to marry Superman and have his baby. A simple request?


The Adventures of Superman Annual #3,  showed the fans a time traveller who reveals that, in the near future, Lois and Clark would get married, and she soon becomes pregnant. While Lois was pregnant, their little unborn child kicks Lois from inside, and this kills her.

Superman was very upset, and he flees the planet and tries to commit suicide. But on his way, he meets an alien princess, and her name is Maxima. Superman then makes out with her on Lois’ grave.