Actor, Sylvester Stallone Says That He Will Not Play Rocky Again. Here’s What’s Happening


The actor, Sylvester Stallone has found himself boosted to the new level of acclaim and fame when the movie, Rocky had become the highest-grossing movie of 1976. This film had earned an Academy Award for Best Picture. Now, in an all-new social media post, the Stallone had commemorated the opening weekend success of the movie, Creed II by and he had declared that this spinoff would be the last time he plays the character, Rocky Balboa:

As the actor has said in the video, he had never really thought there would be more of the character, until the team of Creed had gotten him back. Stallone had said that the movie, Creed II would be the “last rodeo,” as his story has now been told. The actor had officially passed on this mantle to the Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan).


This will be a bittersweet farewell for many of the Rocky fans, but Stallone retiring this character has come at a good time. No one had expected the character, Rocky to be a factor in the modern world but the actor’s performance in the movie, Creed had come was extraordinary. The movie, Creed II in a whole lot of ways brings the story of Rocky to a full-circle, as Adonis Creed and Rocky get their chances to rectify the big loose by the end: Apollo Creed losing his bout to Ivan Drago. In the movie’s epilogue, Rocky had corrected his personal problems, as well and reunited with his son, Robert.

The actor had left the Rocky behind with the 2006 movie as well. This film had seen Rocky provoked into making a return into the ring for fighting a much younger boxing champion. This movie had used the theme of age and also changing times for bringing Rocky’s story to a close.

Creed II is now showing in theatres.