All-New Video For Terminator 6 Shows Us BTS Scenes Of Arnold Schwarzenegger


An all-new BTS video for the movie, Terminator 6 has now been released and other than doing a lot of wonders for Hungarian tourism with the OTT praise of the production’s shoot in Hungary, the video reveals something very exciting-Arnold Schwarzenegger’s all-new look in Terminator 6.

The actor will be taking on the look of a pretty aging man, with a beard and also a goatee combo. The presence of a humvee behind the star in one of the interview shots have suggested a military angle, but there is another shot that raises a few questions.


At :20 second into this video there is a scene where the fans see Schwarzenegger’s character sitting out of his house having a beer and keeping compay with Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor.

In The Terminator it had been revealed that John Connor’s future resistance group uses dogs as “Terminator detectors.” When Skynet had made a jump to using cyborg Terminator hidden under the human flesh and bone husks, dogs had been the very first way to detect the deception that The Resistance had discovered. If Schwarzenegger’s movie, Terminator 6 character is having a pet dog, there are just 4 possibilities to explain this:

Schwarzenegger is now playing a Terminator who is advanced to escape detection by dogs, or he has been amongst humanity long enough to actually “become human” to befriend a dog.

Schwarzenegger is playing a human character.

It is a dream or a fantasy sequence.

The dog is not a part of this movie and just a pet getting some attention.

Terminator 6 hits theaters on November 1, 2019.