Will We See Iron-Man’s Thanos Buster Armor In Avengers 4?


There are infinite rumors and fan theories doing the rounds regarding the still untitled Avengers 4. While it has not yet been confirmed that there would be a Thanos Buster suit, but, a fan theory video gives us a fair clue of how it might look and when would we get to see it.

Although most of the fan theories are simply speculation and outlandish beside being illogical, there are still a few which not only make compelling arguments and get people going. Among the latest such theories is one which is going viral on Reddit. Let’s have a breakdown of this theory.

This theory (video’s link provided at the bottom) says that Tony Stark will collect the Infinity Stones and build an Iron-Man armor which would be capable of handling the joint power of the six stones. It is basically an “Infinity Gauntlet” version of armor, or you can call it a Thanos Buster suit. Since you might be wondering how Tony can wield even a single stone since he is a mortal. The truth is, he can. Let’s not forget that a number of humans had held the scepter which contained the mind stone which Loki used to open the gateway for Chitauri.

Now the question arises whether Tony can create an armor similar to the one that the Dwarf King created by building the Infinity Gauntlet which was capable of wielding the six stones together. Yes, he is the one who created Ultron, who created Vision, whom Tony later revived. Using the tech of Wakanda and Vibranium, it won’t be surprising if Tony actually builds an armor capable of such things. In fact, he is such an advanced thinker; he might even be able to analyze the problems related to the Infinity Gauntlet and create an armor which could withstand the usage of the stones.

The bigger challenge would be to get all the stones. Thanos has them studded in his gauntlet on his holiday planet which we don’t know about, until now. However, if the rumor related to the footage from CineEurope has any truth in it, then we will see Stark and company go around the multiverse, collecting the versions of Infinity Stones from other dimensions.

So let’s say, the final theory is that Stark will build a new armor which would enable the Avengers snatch the gauntlet from Thanos. Then Captain Marvel will beat Thanos in a fight. Heroes prevail and the day is saved when Tony will undo the damage caused by Thanos, or they might even rope in the versions of dead heroes from other dimensions.

Overall, this is just a speculative thought, and we need to wait until at least some trailer, or media junket comes out. For now, let’s have fun with the theories.