The All-New Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer Will Leave Your Jaw Dropping. Here’s What’s Happening


Time to get excited as Dragon Ball Super: Broly recently dropped the very first trailer. The trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Broly had released at Comic-Con International to many fans in San Diego. This footage has gone live at Dragon Ball Super’s Hall H panel, and its reception is super positive. Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel were also present at this debut, and the voice actors had been breathing and living for Broly’s comeback.

This trailer is a very meaty one, and it starts with Son Goku in a pretty familiar place as he stuffs his entire face, and Whis asks this Saiyan a question. This angel then asks why he is still training, and Goku’s response is shown in the trailer. Goku wants to fight the most powerful one just for the thrill, and no one would provide a challenge as Broly can.

Broly has returned and the trailer shows all the fans a very first-look at this hero in full action, and he also looks very terrifying. The makeover of this character by Akira Toriyama is very difficult to critique, and Broly’s Super Saiyan form seems like something out of a fan-fiction.

The story details regarding this movie are pretty sparse, and the trailer surely does have a lot of updates. Goku fights with Broly, but Vegeta and Golden Freeza can take a huge swing at this big-baddie. It seems like Paragus can be easily connected to the son’s evil ways once again, but the context around Broly’s motives are looming around in the dark.

Dragon Ball Super is airing the English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block on Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m