Jack Black From Jumanji All Ready To Star As Penguin In ‘The Batman’


The Jumanji star, Jack Black is now open to playing the Batman villain, the Penguin.

“Is there talk of me as the Penguin? Are we starting it?” Black had said.


“Uh, yeah, that would be a role, that would be fun.”

When he had been asked if he would be into it, Black said,

“I mean, I hate to put myself out there and say that because then when I don’t get that part, it was, ‘Oh, Jack tried to get the thing.’ I didn’t try anything! I’m just saying maybe that would be good.”

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Black had then performed an impromptu audition and had imitated Burgess Meredith’s famous “quack” cackle from Adam West-led Batman series.

One of Dark Knight’s famous foes, the Penguin, is now leading the villain in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

This comedian, who has taken dramatic turns in Bernie and King Kong may face competition for the role from Josh Gad as the Frozen star continues for flirting with this role.

“[I’m] just having some fun,” Gad had said on MTV News in the year, 2017.


“Just having some fun! Really, I promise! There’s nothing to… there’s nothing there. The Internet just goes wild. I’m just having some fun putting things out there.”

Reeves had remained pretty mum on this subject of The Batman’s primary enemy. When he had been asked by THR of Gad’s repeated teasing of this role, Reeves had said,

“I love Josh Gad. We’re good friends.”

Details are now scarce, but Reeves’ DCEU entry will focus enter on a much younger Batman, and he is on the lookout for a familiar face for replacing the actor, Ben Affleck.

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“It’s very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale,” Reeves had said.

“It’s told very squarely on his shoulders, and I hope it’s going to be a story that will be thrilling but also emotional.”

“It’s more Batman in his detective mode than we’ve seen in the films. The comics have a history of that. He’s supposed to be the world’s greatest detective, and that’s not necessarily been a part of what the movies have been. I’d love this to be one where when we go on that journey of tracking down the criminals and trying to solve a crime; it’s going to allow his character to have an arc so that he can go through a transformation.”

Warner Bros. has a date of June 25, 2021, for The Batman.