Revealed: This Is The Real Reverse Force To The Flash’s Speed Force


In the most recent Justice League issue, The Still Force’s existence has been proven – which is a previously unknown form of energy originating from inertia, which is at par and opposite to The Speed Force used by The Flash. The Still Force was mentioned as one of the seven undiscovered forces of the universe, that need to be mastered to protect the DC Universe from entering entropy.

Initially mentioned in The Flash #91, The Speed Force was a tool to brush-aside the various science-based questions related to the working of The Flash’s powers. It was described as a force-field which guarded a speedster from the effects of friction and also providing energy for their powers so that the bodily energy of a speedster wasn’t burned out. Later in The Flash: Rebirth, it was revealed that a Negative Speed Force also existed which was used by The Reverse Flash, which had almost the same powers as The Speed Force, but, a scope for destruction.

Therefore, this seems to be another version of The Speed Force and The Still Force happens to be the actual “reverse” of The Flash’s source of power.

Suitably, the Still Force’s nature was slowly disclosed during the Justice League #2. First Lex Luthor is shown explaining the existence of the above mentioned seven secret forces to his The Legion of Doom colleagues, and then he claims that the team has been looking for these forces for years, despite not being aware about what they were exactly doing.

Then Luthor discloses that he has already got hold of the first force, which can be used by Grodd to destroy The Flash forever and the villain from Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro is on his way to get the second. It is interesting to notice that the secret of the first force lies in a newborn human baby, whom Luthor calls “a true evil genius.”

In another scene later, we see The Flash joining hands with the Hawkgirl to build a car which could utilize The Speed Force. While working together, Hawkgirl asked The Flash whether there was any reason he kept repeatedly falling during their last battle. The Flash acknowledged that the Speed Force had failed to work briefly and he put the blame on a supervillain named The Turtle, who according to him, was trying to find a hypothetical Still Force which could undo The Speed Force. Despite failing, The Turtle had succeeded in creating some “vibrational disruptions” which momentarily failed The Flash’s powers.

The last connected scene shows the Green Lantern John Stewart in deep space exploring the region near the weakening cosmic fabric. It is then disclosed that Stewart was aware of some details related to the “hidden forces” mentioned by Luthor earlier and he informs The Guardians of The Universe that The Still Force has been unlocked. That’s when he also discovers the second secret force, which had been contained on the other side of that cosmic membrane. It was an emotional spectrum of invisible light sourced from the emotions kept suppressed and it had been claimed by Sinestro!

There were previous reports which had revealed that the invisible emotional spectrum would turn John Stewart into an Ultraviolet Lantern. We are not yet sure how this links with The Still Force and the baby. One theory is that The Turtle used The Still Force to undo his aging, a trick which various speedsters have used in the past. No matter what, things are bound to take a very interesting turn for The Flash and Justice League.

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