The Top 10 Cast Of The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Where They Are Now


In Episode II, Anakin and Padme hang out on Tattooine and meet Owen and Beru Lars. Later on, he became the foster Uncle and Aunt to Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker. After Star Wars, his significant breakout execution was in the MMA drama titled Warrior. In this, he and Tom Hardy played siblings compelled to face-off each other for and a huge money prize and ego. Edgerton changed himself from the round-faced teddy bear of Owen Lars into a lean, mean, battling machine for the part. What’s more, he hasn’t looked back from there.
Edgerton made his directorial debut in 2015with a thriller titled, The Gift. Later on, he co-featured with Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch in the Boston-set crime show, Black Mass. After this accomplishment, he went ahead with the mid 2016 flop, Jane Got A Gun. Nevertheless, it is watchable because it featured Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor, who were the two alums of the prequel trilogy. Edgerton ricocheted back and stars in the romantic drama Loving. In it, he’s sharing screen space with Ruth Negga. They play an interracial couple who confronts hardship in 1960s Virginia. It is not to be missed and will, without a doubt, procure a lot of awards.



A standout amongst the most famous pictures of Episode I is that of towering doors, uncovering the inked look of Darth Maul. He illuminates his dual bladed lightsaber. Ray Park is the man behind the devilish face. He’s is a Scottish martial fighting expert and performer.
After his execution as Darth Maul, Park got recognition for his role as Toad in Bryan Singer’s first X-Men film. Thereafter, his other most famous part is that of Snake Eyes in the GI Joe film series. Despite the fact that the second film, GI Joe: Retaliation, wrote off numerous components from the principal motion picture for new characters and plotlines, Ray Park’s stoic depiction of Snake Eyes is one of a handful components which was unaltered.
Coming up, we might want to see Park return in a third GI Joe film, in the event that it ever gets made. All the more promptly, he is ready to co-star in Accident Man, along with Scott Adkins, Ray Stevenson and Ashley Greene.