8 Tom Hardy Films That Prove Why He Is Among The Best Hollywood Actors Today


Tom Hardy is the battle horse of Hollywood, coming up with great films year after year. He has played numerous roles and given some fantastic performances which is a highly appreciable thing. He is among the most dedicated actors who has completely transformed himself to play roles. He has been featured in almost all genres and has vowed the audiences with every new role. He has starred for Christopher Nolan, and if we pay close attention, most of the time his face is covered in the movies he joins, but, he still manages to be awesome in those characters. Here we present the best Tom Hardy performances that we all have loved and followed over the years.




In this Gavin O’Connor movie, Hardy played the character of Tommy, a former Marine who comes home and gets trained by his father for a MMA contest. However, he has to battle his own brother, and the stakes are really much higher for him than the reward itself. The film released in 2011 and has a superb 8.2/10 IMDb rating.


This film directed by Brian Helgeland released in 2015, and it features Hardy in the double role of identical twins Reggie and Ronnie Ray who ascend through the criminal world to become two of the most feared English mafia lords. This crime/drama thriller film is a treat for the passionate Tom Hardy fans.


This film caused a split among the Christopher Nolan fans as some of them blasted it and didn’t even want to acknowledge it as a Nolan movie, while others loved it. No matter what the truth be, but, Tom Hardy’s portrayal of a fighter pilot was crucial, and every time his jet was seen on the screen, people paid attention.

This Means War

This Means War is a 2012 action/romance film where Tom Hardy co-starred with Chris Pine. The two leading men played CIA agents and best friends, who are competing with each other to woo the same lady as they both fell in love with her. This is quite a break from the usually serious roles that Tom Hardy plays.


Venom is yet to release in theatres, and it will be out in October, but, the involvement of Tom Hardy means this will be a film to watch out for. People would not have been so curious if any other actor had played Venom instead of Hardy. The film’s trailers prove that Sony has created a potential winner in Venom.

The Revenant

Tom Hardy has played the villainous role in this Leonard DiCaprio starrer. While DiCaprio won the best actor trophy for the movie, it was undoubtedly the best performance by Hardy, and if you haven’t seen this film then you don’t deserve to be called a Tom Hardy fan at all!

The Dark Knight Rises

Here is another film starring Tom Hardy where he plays the evil Bane against the Batman (Christian Bale) in a Christopher Nolan film. The Dark Knight Rises showed Hardy to be an excellent villain who could scare the audiences using his eyes only because his face was covered throughout the film barring one tiny scene. Hardy showed that he was a mighty villain in this film against the iconic comic book superhero.

Mad Max: Fury Road

This George Miller action sci-fi film featured Hardy as Max alongside Charlize Theron’s Furiosa. The film is set in a crazy apocalyptic world. It was not a grand story, but, there is no doubt that it is one of the most impressive action movies ever, and it got countless Oscar nominations.