Loki Actor, Tom Hiddleston Leaves Fans Baffled After Posting New Teaser Video. Here’s What’s Happening


The Loki actor, Tom Hiddleston has just shared a video that has left all his fans very confused. Well, we can be sure of one thing- it is not related to Marvel. This is a one minute video, and it shows Tom Hiddleston walking through a tunnel and into focus giving a million expressions all at once. After this shot, the word, “BETRAYAL,” is seen on the bottom of the screen:

 We do not yet know if the movie/series will be called Betrayal, but we can assume that the project may be related to what the British filmmaker, Joshua Wilson had posted.


Wilson had tweeted back in September something that had hinted at a new project that had been set up with Tom Hiddleston:

“Great to work with Tom Hiddleston on one of our new series. He’s a true thespian and a very humble, easy going guy. Everything is still low key, but more detail will be coming soon on our latest projects.”

Many people want to know what this tweet by Tom Hiddleston actually means, and all his fans are very inquisitive about the video. Their reactions are just insane:

In other news, Tom Hiddleston had confirmed the fact that his character, Loki had died permanently in the movie, Infinity War and he has known about this for the past 2 years:

“So, I’ve known about that scene for two years. I met with Marvel in May 2016, and they were actually telling me the story of Ragnarok with concept art and images. The Russos came in, and I introduced myself. So, all four of us sat down, and they said this is how Infinity War begins.”