Top 10 Baywatch Angels

5. Brooke Burns – Jessie Owens (1998–2000)

Brooke Burns bounced to fame after playing Jessie Owens on Baywatch. She stated that the Farrelly brothers wrote a role particularly for her in the film Shallow Hal That’s because they though her to be the “dorkiest, pretty girl that they have ever met”. Goodness. What’s more, to make Owens more immaculate, after a diving mishap in 2005, she got a titanium plate in her neck. She now resembles a superhero. Like the hot, attractive, female variant of Wolverine!


6. Donna D’Errico – Donna Marco (1996–1998)

She was born in Dothan, Alabama. Donna D’Erricowas on TV screens the world over from 1996 to 1998 as Baywatch’s Donna Marco. We wonder why the writers chose her real name for the show. Well, we have two hypotheses: it is possible that they thought the name was truly hot, or she was never ready to dispose the vague look each time somebody called her by another name. D’Errico, otherwise called Miss September 1995, married Nikki Sixx, the author of the “existentialist” novel The Heroin Diaries. They separated in 2007.

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