Top 5 Incomplete Storylines In “The Walking Dead”

3. How Are Things At Grady Memorial Hospital?

Similar to most places in The Walking Dead, Grady Memorial Hospital at initially appeared like a safe place to hang out. At that point, Beth understood that the general population running it were up to some very vile things. Sadly, she didn’t make it out alive. However, Noah and Carol did. In any event, she figured out how to take out Dawn before she met her death. Still, that leaves basically every other person still at the hospital. They had a quite decent setup going on. As it is, being hoisted and far from the streets certainly isn’t an awful way to evade the zombies.
We’ll probably never know whether the group at Grady figured out how to keep it together, or if they were outnumbered. Nevertheless, given the amount of time that watchers spent there, it wouldn’t have been great to know more about how this ended.


4. What About The Soldier In The Tank?

This storyline was so concise that you probably wouldn’t have understood it. In the closing snapshots of the first episode of the series, Rick slithered into a military tank and faced a zombie soldier. He shot and re-killed the zombie. A couple of minutes after that, he met Glenn and the rest is history.
Obviously, that soldier was intended to take up a substantially greater role in TWD. As it is, the original show-runner Frank Darabont wanted to open the second season with a flashback that concentrated on the solider and his fellow military men as they attempted to shield Atlanta from being overwhelmed by zombies. At that point, Darabont was sacked from the show, and that storyline was dropped completely. Taking the show in a different direction wasn’t really an awful thought. Yet, it is frustrating to realize that we could have had a look into the unfurling pandemonium if the series had remained consistent with Darabont’s vision.

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