Uncharted: Nathan Fillion Will Become Nathan Drake In The Short Film


You might have actually finished Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but then, Nathan Drake’s story has not really come to an end. The director, Allan Ungar had revealed a pretty great Uncharted live-action fan movie that starred Nathan Fillion as the character, Nathan Drake. His attitude, appearance, and the one-liners are pretty much spot on, and after watching this video, we are all pretty convinced that he was born to play this role.

No real adventurer or thief would turn down a good mystery and a promise of riches. This is what Sully and Nate are chasing in this movie. Without actually spoiling a lot, anyone who has actually played the Uncharted games would know what to actually expect. Nate has found himself in the middle of a very dangerous and intense situation. He may actually take a few licks, but it is for the loot.

The short then ends on a pretty dangling cliff-hanger that may make Nick Cage even lose his map-loving and fragile mind. We are now hoping that there will be a sequel to the fan movie that is in the works because we would all surely love to see Nathan and Sully’s adventure continue.

So, will we see Nadine or Chloe in the next movie? Well, we now know that the Uncharted show has steered away from Nathan Drake of late and while this made the fans a little sad, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the best games in the Uncharted universe.

As for Sully and Nate, we might actually hope to see them on the silver screen soon. We know that an Uncharted film is in the works, but it may be a prequel and would feature the star of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland.

When it comes to Ungar and the project, they have all out support. In less than just 15 minutes, they had whisked all the fans away on an adventure that boasts the whimsy that all of us enjoy so very much while playing these games.