The 15 Wealthiest Hollywood Stars: Fans Will Be Surprised To Know Some Of Them


The business of movie making seems to be the most lucrative occupation for everyone working in Hollywood these days. However, those who really make the movies work are the actors who star in the films. There are several actors famous all over the world, but, not all of them are equally wealthy (for reasons easy to understand). Here we present to you the 15 wealthiest actors ranked according to their net worth, who are either actively working in Hollywood or have appeared in Hollywood films in the past.

15 – Will Smith


There is unlikely to be a place on Earth where nobody knows this American actor. He debuted with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and went on to become incredibly popular. Will Smith has a net worth of $260 million.

14 – Patrick Wilson

Here is a name which is likely to surprise a lot of people. Patrick Wilson has done numerous roles and is mostly present in the various horror movies made by James Wan. He has a net worth of $275 million.

13 – Adam Sandler

The 51-years-old actor has been making fans laugh for many years now. Despite not having much success in recent years, Adam Sandler is still quite rich at $300 million.

12 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Right from the 1980s, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been the action star entertaining us. He has done everything from being an iconic body-builder to playing the role of the Terminator to becoming the Governor of California and Arnold’s net worth is currently at $300 million.

11 – Michael Douglas

Here is a 73-years-old American star who has been a part of some mighty movies, and he has now joined the biggest movie franchise in Hollywood, courtesy of his portrayal of Hank Pym in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Michael Douglas also has a net worth of $300 million.

10 – Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is an incredibly prolific actor who has been giving us amazing films continuously for decades now. Hanks net worth stands at $350 million.

9 – Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a legend as an actor as well as a director, and he has contributed immensely to Hollywood. The veteran actor is worth $375 million. We just hope his son, Scott Eastwood carries forward his legacy.

8 – Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is another globally renowned star from Hong Kong who hasn’t slowed down even at 64 years of age. Fans all over the world have loved his movies, and his net worth is $395 million.

7 – Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is an epitome of action movies and has constantly defined the genre by playing characters like Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Even at 71, he is still busy coming up with new action movies. Stallone’s net worth is $400 million.

6 – Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is someone who has been a part of various mind-blowing films, and he had to be among the richest. He is the first actor to play Joker on the cinematic screen in Tim Burton directed Batman film. Nicholson’s net worth also stands at $400 million.

5 – Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is a famous actor/director who has been part of some of the best Hollywood films ever. Whether it be playing Mad Max or directing fantastic films, Gibson has done it all on his way to accumulating $425 million.

4 – Amitabh Bachchan

This legendary Indian actor has been a part of a Hollywood film and is amongst the wealthiest actors in the whole world, so he had to be a part of this list. His net worth is $425 million. The Indian star Shah Rukh Khan has a net worth of $750 million, but, since he has never worked in Hollywood, he is not on this list.

3 – George Clooney

George Clooney has not just played Bruce Wayne in the films, but, he is akin to being Bruce Wayne in the real world too. The star of numerous iconic movies, Clooney has a total worth of $500 million.

2 – Tom Cruise

It won’t be wrong to say that Tom Cruise is the most hard-working actor in Hollywood. He comes up with almost 2-3 fantastic films every year. He is incredibly talented, and that’s why he gets paid a lot of money. He is renowned for his commitment to his movies, and Tom Cruise’s net worth is $550 million.

1 – Merv Griffin

You might not even know him, but, the late Mervyn Edward Griffin Jr. is the richest actor in Hollywood. His net worth is $1 billion.

(Robert Downey Jr. couldn’t be on this list, but, he has a net worth of $250 million).