10 Actors Capable Of Replacing Jack HughmanAs Wolverine

4. Clive Standen

If we go just by the looks, then Clive Standen ought to get the call to audition for Wolverine. He’s most famous for playing Rollo on History’s Vikings. In it, Standen plays a character who is fiercely intense and a brutal contender, so playing Wolverine isn’t tough for him. Moreover, Standen has the physical skills for the part, as he used to be a stuntman before going into acting. Furthermore, he does his own stunts. At 35, he’s the correct age for the part since has the capacity to convincingly pull off Logan’s ageless appearance.


3. Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth is in urgent need of a decent lead role. As it is, his sibling Chris has the chance to be the God of Thunder, so Liam ought to get the chance to fashion his own way as a well-known superhero. Liam unquestionably has the physical stature and hope to play a persuading Wolverine. However, more than that, he’s a decent performing artist who hasn’t had the opportunity to demonstrate that he can carry his own franchise. Likewise, it would be really interesting if he got the opportunity to share the screen to his sibling Thor one day. That is, if and when the X-Men series ever gets put under the banner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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