10 Amazing Facts About Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY

4. Record Complaints About The Dark Knight

The Joker was presented by Christopher Nolan when he paid praise to Batman: Year One toward the end of Batman Begins by prodding the scoundrel’s presence. This made for an incredible, IMAX-shot as an opening revelation. The Joker truly made his presence felt in the motion picture by playing out a magical pencil trick which was both stunning and fierce.
In this manner, he crossed the limits of what’s permitted in a 12A film. More than 200 objections were made to the British Board of Film Classification. Furthermore, about 42% of the letters they got were from disappointed and conceivably nauseated viewers of The Dark Knight. This was a sign that this form of The Joker was bringing about mayhem both in the film and this present reality!


3. Plans For Two-Face In Batman Starts

Batman Begins made a fresh character in the form of Rachel Dawes. This choice perplexed fans because Christopher Nolan had many love interests for Bruce Wayne to pick from the comics. Rachel was created by the movie producer to have his stamp on Batman’s reality however; it was a result of Two-Face.
As it is, Nolan and David Goyer wanted present Harvey Dent in the first motion picture. However, they felt that they wouldn’t be able to justify the role. Therefore, Rachel was made to supplant him. In light of how well Dent was taken care of in The Dark Knight, it’s conceivable that if he had he been presented in Begins, it would still have been wonderful.

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