10 Comics Based On Marvel Movies Which Highlight What MCU Is All About


2018 has been pretty much a fantastic year for Marvel Cinematic Universe. First, the Black Panther shattered numerous records on its way to earning more than $1 billion and then the grandest Marvel movie of all-times, Avengers: Infinity War surpassed all expectations to make more than $2 billion and become the highest grossing superhero film ever. These two movies have taken MCU to an altogether different level, and since 2019 has three of the game-changing films lined up, the Marvel juggernaut is unlikely to slow down in the near future.

It all started a decade ago with Iron Man, and so far we have seen 20 interconnected movies from the shared superhero universe. The present phase of MCU will culminate with next year’s Avengers 4.

No matter whether you love the MCU or not, you can’t deny the fact that the Marvel films have contributed immensely towards the introduction of Marvel’s comic book characters into the mainstream. Unknown characters like Groot and Hawkeye have gone on to become popular heroes with a significant fan following.

Nowadays, the world of internet goes into a frenzy with every new piece of news or movie release associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is this insanity which leads to the creation of funny comics which not only take shots at Marvel movies, their stories, characters but, also display the essence of these films. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled these incredibly funny, yet accurate Comics that highlight the essence of the Marvel Movies. Take a look.

1. Why We Don’t Need So Many Avengers

2. The Real Life Avengers

3. If Deadpool Had Been In The MCU


4. The Truth Behind Marvel Superhero Costumes


5. 6 Marvel Heroes That Would Make Terrible Lovers

6. What It’s Like To See Every Marvel Movie (For Fans and Non-Fans)

7. Comic Book Dads

8. Not So Secret Identities: Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man

9. What’s Taking Thanos So Long To Get To Earth


10. Let’s Hear It For An Avenger That Doesn’t Get Enough Credit


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