12 Actors Confirmed For Third Reboot For Spider-Man – The Homecoming.

5. Donald Glover As Miles Morales/Robbie Robertson

He is a trump card that Marvel has put down on the table. Nobody actually knows what he is going to play, some say he is going to be Robbie Robertson, some believe that Donald is going to be Miles Morales, and other theories tell he is going to be Tinkerer or Prowler. Donald is getting a huge focus from Hollywood these days; he has already been confirmed to play “Lando” in Han Solo Prequel.


6. Michael Keaton As Vulture

He is one of the biggest names on the cast list. Fans are pretty excited about Michael playing the Vulture because he is a fantastic actor who has been a focal point of highly successful comic book movies like Batman, Birdman, and Robocop. He was first reluctant to join the cast of Spiderman Homecoming, but then he eventually decided to put on the daunting turbine wings, and metal talons of Vulture.

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