12 Actors Confirmed For Third Reboot For Spider-Man – The Homecoming.

7. Bokeem Woodbine As The Shocker

The shocker is not one of the most dangerous foes of Spiderman, but looks like Bokeem’s version of Shocker is invited to this movie because he will bring some comic relief to the film. Bokeem is hands-down a great actor, but he is a better comedian. Let’s see what he is gonna add to the party.


8. Mark Ruffalo As Hulk

In the comic book universe, Hulk and Spidey share an exclusive love-hate bond that has mesmerized fans from day one. He is going to be Part of the Spidey universe with Homecoming, and if we can see them doing some amazing combo shots to beat down villains, what else can we ask from this world?

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