13 Actors Would Have Played Doctor Who, if It Was Made In America.

5. Kyle Maclachlan

After Wilder’s precise incarnation the producers were determined to cast a one-of-a-kind actor. As a result, Kyle MacLachlan was the youngest actor ever to take control of the TARDIS. He proved himself over his three years making a subtle and idealistic Doctor.


6. Christopher Walken

Production issues plagued Walken’s temporary stint in the TARDIS. Furthermore, his weird demands made things worse. Walken was adamant on wearing a multi-coloured patchwork coat and having his Companion strangled. Fortunately the producers opted not to implement these strategies. Walken was a cold, dark and brooding Doctor. Furthermore, after a stint of two years, the actor left as a result of creative differences.


7. Tony Shalhoub

Shalhoub’s incredible take on the Time Lord as a devious, scheming chess-grasp couldn’t save the show’s cancellation.

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