15 Marvel Actors Who Romanced DC Actors And Fans Did Not Know


There are great rivalries in the world such as pizza vs. burger, Coke vs. Pepsi and of course DC vs. Marvel Comics. These are two of the biggest comic book publishers in the world, and as is expected, they have been engaged in a fierce rivalry for a number of decades to claim the honor of being the biggest home for superheroes in the world. Right from the time Marvel Comics came into existence over five decades ago, the artists, writers, and salespeople have been trying to steal the thunder from the rival. With the passage of time, the superheroes no longer remained confined to the printed comic book panels only. They stepped into various media such as TV shows, animation series, video games and of course the cinema. Over the years, this rivalry also extended actors and actresses who were associated with either Marvel or DC Comics-based films or at least that’s what is generally believed.

However, there is a fascinating thing about the films based on either Marvel or DC Comics. Despite the fans of the two franchises constantly battle with each other passionately regarding what is right and wrong with the movies, at times the people who make the films are not at all hostile towards the other house. It is agreed that there is competition at the box office, but, the animosity which is seen among the fans doesn’t extend to the actors. The actors are known to switch from Marvel to DC or some other brand. It also applies to the romance between the actors working for the rival comic book giants.


As far as the actors enjoying a romantic relationship is concerned, such relationships often start during the days of their working together. Since the most famous stars work in the Marvel and Disney universe and also in various other parts of Hollywood, it is normal and easy for the actors to meet and ultimately, hook up. No matter if they dated each other while playing heroes and villains in the comic book movies or at other points of time, it is true that some of the most famous Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe actors have enjoyed romantic relationships between them.

Josh Brolin –  Diane Lane

Olivia Munn – Chris Pine

Scarlett Johansson – Jared Leto

Gina Carano – Henry Cavill

Christian Bale – Samantha Mathis

Robin Wright – Ben Foster

Alicia Silverstone – Benicio Del Toro

Billy Crudup – Jennifer Connelly

Ben Affleck – Gwyneth Paltrow

Chris Evans –  Kate Bosworth

Katie Holmes – Jamie Foxx

Ryan Reynolds – Blake Lively

Jennifer Garner – Ben Affleck

Ryan Reynolds – Scarlett Johansson

Karl Urban – Katee Sackhoff