15 Women Who Have Been In A Relationship With Eminem


Rapper, on-screen character and songster Eminem is exceptional among other selling performers and one of the most persuading rappers ever. Eminem had a severe pubescence. He dropped out of school in the ninth grade and kept up odd wellsprings of pay until at long last making it as a rapper upon the presence of The Slim Shady long-playing record.

Eminem discharged The Marshall Mathers long-playing record, which was noted as the quickest selling collection in rap history. He discharged the Grammy-winning collection Recovery, a profoundly self-portraying endeavor to deal with his battles with enslavement and involvement in restoration.

Eminem was only fifteen when he met thirteen-year-old Kim Ann Scott at a local gathering. Kim, who asserted that she didn’t have any acquaintance with her dad and had been explicitly mishandled by her stepfather, came to live with Eminem and his mom Deborah.

Eminem and Kim before long started dating, yet their relationship was violent from the beginning. Deborah tossed the couple out when Eminem dropped out of school. The couple had a little girl named Hailie Jade Scott. The couple separated and got back together commonly, at long last wedding just before Eminem left on his first significant visit.

They got separated later on. Kim and Eminem kept on keeping up a turbulent now and again relationship until remarrying eventually, at that point separating from again a while later. Following their subsequent separation, the exes started an extended, terrible and profoundly open authority disagreement regarding their little girl Hailie.

1. When Eminem Dated Nicki Minaj (2018)

Subsequent to prodding an association with a white person on Barbie Tingz, Nicki Minaj caught up with an Eminem yell out in her most recent visitor include for YG’s Big Bank. Fans put the pieces to the riddle together, and when one asked if she’s dating Slim Shady, she presented an eyebrow-raising answer.

Eminem And Nicki Minaj Dating

2. Eminem’s Relationship With Tracy McNew (2008)

Eminem and Tracy Mcnew have been supposed to date since 2008, however the rapper’s rep says she is simply part of his supervisory group.

Eminem And Tracy McNew Dating

3. Eminem When He Dated Marni Bright (2007)

Eminem and music studio director Marni Bright were impractically connected in November 2007, after they were seen at a Michigan recording studio together.

Eminem And Marni Bright Dating

4. The Relationship Between Eminem And Tara Reid (2004)

Eminem has supposedly affirmed he had an association with Tara Reid. He even referenced it cruelly on his collection on Kamikaze. Tara is an entertainer who is most popular for jobs in the American Pie arrangement. She likewise showed up on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011.

Eminem And Tara Reid Dating

5. When Eminem Dated Gina Lynn (2003)

Eminem and porno star Gina Lynn made a scandalous music video together in 2003, and, obviously, individuals accepted these two were included when the cameras weren’t moving too.

Eminem And Gina Lynn Dating

6. Eminem’s Relationship With Karrine Steffans (2003)

KarrineSteffans obviously, on that rundown was Eminem. It is accepted that the two had a concise hurl, at least this as per Steffans. She had a few outstanding filings in the past incorporating a concise one with NBA legend Shaq.

Eminem And Karrine Steffans Dating

7. Eminem When He Dated Mariah Carey (2002)

The Warning is a tune composed and performed by American rapper Eminem and created by Dr. Dre as a feature of a progressing struggle with artist Mariah Carey. All through his vocation, Eminem asserted he once had an association with Carey, dating her for a half year. Carey, in any case, consistently denied the case.

Eminem And Mariah Carey Dating

8. The Relationship Between Eminem And Britney Spears (2002)

Britney and Eminem will never team up on a tune together, yet they don’t need to, on the grounds that even independently, despite the fact that their individual music may sound completely different, they’re as yet comparable animals, acting life each other in amusement’s huge and bizarre world.

Eminem And Britney Spears Dating

9. When Eminem Dated Kim Basinger (2002)

This urban legend is a little unbalanced given that Basinger assumed the job of Eminem’s mother in the film 8 Mile. The bits of gossip propose that the two hit it off on the set and it would later prompt a relationship after the shooting of the film. MTV started these bits of gossip, however none of them could ever admit to such a relationship.

Eminem And Kim Basinger Dating

10. Eminem’s Relationship With Brittany Murphy (2001)

Brittany Murphy was an on-screen character who co-featured with Eminem in his hit motion picture 8 Mile. Eminem is supposed to have quickly dated the on-screen character around the hour of making the motion picture.

Eminem And Brittany Murphy Dating

11. Eminem When He Dated Joy McAvoy (2001)

Joy admitted to this relationship – however Eminem wouldn’t verify or refute any of it consistently. The timetable is particularly scrappy given that Matters was with his ex-wife at the hour of the said relationship.

Eminem And Joy McAvoy Dating

12. The Relationship Between Eminem And Brittany Andrews (2001)

Brittany Andrews and Eminen are reputed to have had a concise relationship previously, and it’s effectively authentic seeing as the rapper has a fondness for porno stars. Like his ensnarement with Kendra Jade, Eminem has never spoken about his short affair with the entertainer.

Eminem And Brittany Andrews Dating

13. When Eminem Dated Kendra Jade (2000)

Kendra Jade is supposed to have had a short affair with Eminem some time ago. Neither one of the celebrities has affirmed the bits of gossip however, so we are getting it was genuinely short and the team didn’t appreciate it.

Eminem And Kendra Jade Dating

14. Eminem’s Relationship With Kesia Alvarez (1999 – 2000)

During 1999-2000 Eminem had an association with Kesia Alvarez. Eminem and his sweetheart Kesia Alvarez. This young lady is popular during his On-off Relationship with Kim. She gave lotta data to Big Nasty Williams – Eminem previous guardian to compose the book Shady Bizzness.

Eminem And Kesia Alvarez Dating

15. Eminem When He Dated Kimberley Scott (2006)

Eminem’s ex, Michigan local Kimberly Anne Scott. The two shared a wild relationship, most definitely. They got married in 1999 just to isolate indeed in 2001. They would at long last separate for good in 2006. From that point forward, Scott has been in the features for all an inappropriate reasons.

Eminem And Kimberley Scott Dating


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