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17 Women Who Have Dated Brad Pitt

17 Women Who Have Dated Brad Pitt

As an actor, Brad Pitt might be renowned for his top hit movies, yet when it comes to being the hottest and wanted celebrities for smashingly admirable looks, his broad dating history is an indication of him as probably the most smoking star. During his time long vocation, the Fight Club on-screen character has been in the absolute most prominent relationships Hollywood has ever observed.

Yet, while the entire world, for all reasons and purposes, thinks about his previous associations with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, many appear to overlook the extensive rundown of ladies the entertainer dated before he went over his future first and second exes.

There’s a saying that goes like, behind each successful man is a much more noteworthy lady and no one demonstrates this like entertainer Brad Pitt. Regarded twice as People magazines Hottest Man Alive,during 1995 and 2000, we have seen the ravishing entertainer develop through innumerable looks, yet one overlooked trait about each relationship he was in caught the eyes of Twitter users.They found something peculiar about his changes. Brad Pitt, was similar to a chameleon, and changed his style just as how each of his girlfriends looked like.

Since turning into a separated, single parent of six, Brad Pitt has been devoting quite a bit of his opportunity to Hollywood and acting. Indeed, he spent most of 2019 shooting Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and Ad Astra. It appears that Brad Pitt may be giving romance another shot, and that is to say as he was as of late connected to the jewellery designer, Sat Hari Khalsa.

1. When Brad Pitt Dated Charlize Theron (2019)

There were newspaper bits of gossip which proposed that Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron who are Hollywood’sone among top stars, were a thing for a hot moment in mid-2019, after evidently being presented by Theron’s ex, Sean Penn. They were rarely shot together, nor did they ever remark on the gossipy titbits.

Brad Pitt And Charlize Theron Dating

2. Brad Pitt’s Relationship With Sienna Miller (2017)

Sienna Miller has expelled claims she is dating Brad Pitt, after reports surfaced asserting they were investigating an easy-going summer romance, in what might have been his first relationship since parting with Angelina Jolie.They’re simply false. When confronted, Sienna replied stating that Brad’s an incredible companion and nothing more. They were hanging out at the Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury however they were with a major gathering.

Brad Pitt And Sienna Miller Dating

3. Brad Pitt When He Dated Angelina Jolie (2005 – 2019)

Brad and Angelina first denied they began to look all starry eyed at on the movie set of Mr And Mrs Smith, however as time went on the pair at last conceded that is the place they started falling for each other. Angelina affirmed to People that she was pregnant with Brad’s youngster in 2006. They broadly said they would just get hitched once it was lawful for everybody in the nation to wed. They got occupied with 2012 and wedded in 2014 until Angelina petitioned for legal separation in 2016 refering to hostile contrasts as the purpose behind the split.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Dating

4. The Relationship Between Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston (2000 – 2005)

In his most crucialpart of love life, Brad and Jennifer were arranged for ablind date by both their scouts. In the wake of dating for a long time the couple at that point got ready for marriage and in this way wedded in Malibu. The couple were encountering complexities, which is the point at which he began shooting Mr And Mrs Smith with Angelina Jolie. They freely declared their detachment while tormented with reports of a sentiment with Angelina.

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Dating

5. When Brad Pitt Dated Claire Forlani (1997 – 1998)

Brad Pitt is supposed to have had a brief affair with his Meet Joe Black co-star Claire Forlani. Brad Pitt had a chance to shortly date his Meet Joe Black co-star Claire Forlani and together, the pair strolled the red carpet at the 1998 Wrtiers’ Guild of America Awards together. Brad Pitt quickly dated Claire Forlani after the two featured nearby each other in Meet Joe Black in 1998. They dated for a brief period before giving it up.



6. Brad Pitt’s Relationship With Gwyneth Paltrow (1996 – 1997)

Brad and Gwyneth featured together in the 1995 film Se7en when she was with her was in her mid-Twenties when she was locked in with Brad. Brad proposed to Gwyneth in 1996 after the couple met while shooting Se7en two years sooner. Brad alluded to Gwyn as his blessed messenger and the adoration for his lifeas part of his speech at the Golden Globes. They canceled their commitment seven months after he proposed.

Brad Pitt And Gwyneth Paltrow Dating

7. Brad Pitt When He Dated Thandie Newton (1994 – 1995)

Another unconfirmed relationship was Brad Pitt’s represented talk during his Interview – With A Vampire co-star, Thandie Newton. Brad and Thandie dated rapidly after they met on the demonstration of Interview With The Vampire. They split pleasantly, however are still colleagues clearly. Regardless of the way that his relationship with Thandie Newton wasn’t insisted either, the two obviously dated around the nineties.



8. The Relationship Between Brad Pitt And Jitka Pohlodek (1993 – 1994)

In 1993 Brad Pitt had a brief fling with brunette model named Jitka Pohlodek. Jitka and Brad spent a lot of time together in his turn-of-the-century Hollywood Hills mansion. However, it seemed her never properly got over Lewis: ‘I still love the woman,’ he told Vanity Fair in November of 1994, while dating Pohlodek.



9. When Brad Pitt Dated Julia Ormond (1993)

Brad Pitt met on-screen character Julia Ormond when they cooperated on the film Legends of the Fall. The two never really affirmed their relationship, however there was a ton of theory about the way that the on-screen sentiment transformed into a genuine sentiment.

Brad Pitt And Julia Ormond Dating

10. Brad Pitt’s Relationship With Juliette Lewis (1990 – 1993)

Brad Pitt was twenty seven when he began dating his seventeen-year-old Too Young To Die? Co-star Juliette. Later in the year, Brad began dating Juliette. They had performed together on Too Young to Die? in 1990; and Kalifornia in 1993. Juliette was seventeen when they previously got together, ten years more youthful than him.


11. Brad Pitt When He Dated Elizabeth Daily (1989)

Brad Pitt is reputed to have had an association with E.G. Every day in 1989. Almost no data exists about their supposed relationship in 1989 however that was a precarious year for Brad so anything could have occurred.


12. The Relationship Between Brad Pitt And Jill Schoelen (1989)

Brad was once connected with to his Cutting Class co-star Jill Schoelen for a quarter of a year in 1989, however the two tragically cut it off not long after. Pitt and his Cutting Class co-star Jill Schoelen were locked in for a quarter of a year in 1989, preceding she allegedly severed it since she’d become hopelessly enamored with the executive of a film she’d been taking a shot at. Brad and Jill met on the set of the flick Cutting Class. He brought up marriage and they were locked in for a quarter of a year in 1989, until she began dating the executive of another motion picture she was chipping away at, and dumped Brad.


13. When Brad Pitt Dated Christina Applegate (1989)

Brad and Christina dated quickly in 1989 when Christina was only two seasons profound into Married With Children’s eleven seasons. She was eighteen when she took him to the 1989 MTV Movie Awards.


14. Brad Pitt’s Relationship With Shalane McCall (1987 – 1988)

Brad Pitt and Shalane McCall dated during the late eighties when Brad Pitt was donning a funky hairstyle. While their relationship was rarely affirmed, at that point fifteen-year-old entertainer Shalane McCall was reputed to have dated Brad Pitt after they met on the set of the TV show Dallas.

Brad Pitt And Shalane McCall Dating

15. Brad Pitt When He Dated Robin Givens (1986 – 1987)

Brad was connected to entertainer Robin Givens following her separation from Mike Tyson around 1986. The expert fighter kidded about his bombed marriage in a meeting with Conan O’Brien in 2012. American on-screen character Robin Givens connected up with Pitt while her separation from fighter Mike Tyson was being concluded. Tyson has even spoken about finding Pitt at his previous spouse’s home and understanding their marriage was formally finished.

Brad Pitt And Robin Givens Dating

16. The Relationship Between Brad Pitt And Sara Hart (1980 – 1982)

Sara Hart was one among the few women who Brad Pitt had initially had a fling with as a young teenager. However any details pertaining to as to whether they dated or were in a relationship is unknown. However given Brad Pitt’s reputation, they’d have sure to have had some romantic moments together.

Brad Pitt And Sara Hart Dating

17. When Brad Pitt Dated Kim Hubbard (1977 – 1979)

Kim Hubbard was probably the first woman to be friends with Brad Pitt, or so at least as we know it. Assumed to have met in the year 1977, it was probably during high school or freshmen year that Brad and Kim were a thing, perhaps even prom couples for all we know!

Brad Pitt And Kim Hubbard Dating


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