2 Women Who Have Been In A Relationship With Jason Momoa


Known popularly for his characterization of the DC superhero, Aquaman and his role as Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones (GoT) series, Jason Momoa is an actor who’s well-known for his handsomely hot body and chiselled physique looks. With an appearance so undeniably easy to fall for, Jason Momoa has a lot of female fans who’d give anything to just adore his perfect figure and marvellous muscle body. As every celebrity, aside from fans, Jason too has had many other co-artists who have eyed him for his remarkable looks and acting skills.

However Jason’s heart belongs to only one other person, named Lisa Bonet. At the point when we seea perfect couple, we can’t but help to appreciate and gaze upon them. Being a celebrity couple makes them more of an eye-catcher formany of us as it is quite hard to not follow the lives of celebrity couples for the very fact that their relationships are so interesting to track and even appreciate. When you’re a celebrity, you’re bound to have a few flings and rumoured gossips going around, making them the talk of the town. Aside from Lisa, Jason has been known to be in another relationship which makes things more interesting. Let’s take a look at the aquatic vigilante’s off-screen love life.

1. When Jason Momoa Dated Lisa Bonet (2005)

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are one of those Hollywood couples that have figured out how to make a relationship last longer. These two keep their relationship under wraps, which might explainthe reason their prosperity, however they’ve as of late been launched into the spotlight in the wake of getting married. Jason and Lisa have a somewhat fascinating and maybe offbeat relationship, however it works. From the battles of shuffling an elegant mixed family, to their unforeseen guidelines about television in their home, there are a great deal of things about this couple may make you reconsider the key to making connections work. Jason Momoa may be friends with Lenny Kravitz, however his genuine affection is his spouse Lisa Bonet. While the couple shares two youngsters, namelyan eleven-year-old girl named Lola and a nine-year-old child named Nakoa-Wolf, their relationship is out of the ordinary by Hollywood measures. The two met each other through the acquaintance arranged by close companions while at a jazz club in New York City.

Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet Dating

2. Jason Momoa’s Relationship With Simmone Mackinnon (2004 – 2006)

Prior to getting into a relationship with Lisa Bonet,Jason Momoa was in an intense association with another entertainer. For a long time, Momoa dated McLeod’s Daughters star Simmone Mackinnon. The pair, who met on the show Baywatch, started dating in 1999 preceding getting occupied with 2004. Simmone Jade Mackinnon and Jason Momoa dated for a long time subsequent to getting together in 1999. They were engagedin June 2004, however split-up in 2006. In spite of the fact that the couple were apparently wanting to wed in Hawaii, their relationship before long reached a conclusion in 2006 after Momoa met Lisa Bonet.

Jason Momoa And Simmone Mackinnon Dating


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