20 Epic Justice League Vs. Avengers Memes.


It’s the age-old debate of which comic book franchise is better:- Marvel or DC. Both comic giants have become bigger than ever thanks to their movie universes. With movies like Infinity war and Justice League out, it is the time to decide whether you are a DC or Marvel fan. And what better way to do that than to join team Avengers or team Justice League in the form of some hilarious memes, pitting the two against the other.

Many people would say the obvious winner is Marvel, but you can take a look and decide for yourself. DC and Marvel both rake in millions of dollars thanks to their movies.

These memes are meant to be funny and make fans laugh and are pretty hilarious. There are many fans of both franchises that don’t care which one is better and will go see all the superhero films that release. And then there are the die-hard fans that will only see movies from their respective franchise. These people are the ones who will point out the smallest flaws in films to show their franchise is better. On that note, let’s take a look at 20 funny Justice League vs. Avengers memes.

20. Alien Termination

19. It Is All About The Atmosphere

18. Batman Vs. Spider-Man

17. The Award Winning Joker Performance

16. Who Are The Real Superheroes?

15. How Quicksilver Catches Bullets

14. Training For DC Vs. Training For Marvel

13. The Recruitment

12. Too Quick To Harm

11. Batman Gets Buffed

10. Frenemies

9. Schwarma Time

8. New Batman On The Block

7. Hidden Powers

6. Bow Before DC


5. Open To Collaboration

4. DC Owns All Of Their Characters

3. DC Has Separate Universes

2. Marvel’s Traitors

1. DC Owns Everything Else


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