24 Hilarious No Shave November


As most of you would know, ‘No Shave November’ is a very popular month-long journey. During the month of November, all the participants refrain from shaving and even grooming. This is done for evoking conversation and to also raise awareness about cancer.

Many enjoy this month as they can spend less time on grooming themselves. But this extra time has to be used to raising cancer awareness. Also, the cost of shaving items will reduce during this month and participants are supposed to use the extra money for donating to cancer funds and for raising money to fund a cancer research. The amount of money that girls and guys spend on shaving razors and creams are donated to help many research centres to find a cure for cancer.

Many people enjoy this time of year as they do not have to worry about staying prim and proper. They do not have to take the effort to shave and maintain their facial hair. But in today’s world of memes and trolls, nothing can get in and out of the internet without being targeted. In light of this, here are 25 epic No shave November memes:

1. True!

2. Lol!

3. Oh Yeah!

4. So Right!

5. Hehe!

6. Absolutely!

7. LMAO!

8. bro punzel!

9. Oops!

10. That’s Right!

11. Gandolf Style!

12. Haha!

13. Exactly!

14. And Forever!

15. Delete It!

16. Uh, Oh!

17. No Shave November Memes!

18. Weird!

19. Shaving For Manhood!

20. Are You Participating!

21. Funny Savage!

22. Noooo!

23. Woah!

24. Funny!


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