30 Brutal DC Films Memes That Might Offend True DC Fans


The Marvel Cinematic Universe came into existence a little over ten years ago when the Iron-Man movie released in theatres. DC had to respond, and they responded by an identically sounding ‘Man of Steel’ movie depicting Superman.

Several years and films later, we all have heard this so often that DC films are not as entertaining as the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. They don’t let the comic book content unfold on the big screen and try hard at being sleek, and there is a rare joke once in a blue moon.

Despite the fact that DC Films has been trying really hard to steady the ship, but, barring Wonder Woman, they haven’t yet got a film that has pleased everyone. It is the only film after the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan that has kept the DC brand hopeful. However, Justice League once again apparently derailed the DCEU after Wonder Woman’s success.

Another major complaint that one hears about DC films is that there is no logic in them. This is not just about regular plot holes or complex storytelling, but, about poor writing, irregular character traits, and action scenes that fail to impress.

Frankly, this is not something unique or new. Tim Burton’s Batman disregarded his own rules and the Superman portrayed by Christopher Burton managed to reverse time using just a plot device. Rather than accepting this lack of logic, the DC fans and critics alike have got online and created scores of hilarious memes revealing how the DC films make no sense.


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That’s right!


The Emotions!

Her Expressions!

Well Shit!

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Poor Sup!


Time To Upgrade!

Did They Just Became Friends!

Just The lazy Writing!


Poor Thing!

Do Not look!

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So Sad!

Turn It Off!

Oh yeah!

The Term Wedding!


Getting Worst And Worst!

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He Said It!

Uh, Oh!

At Least You Tried!


So Weird!

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The Real Technicality!


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