5 Women Who Have Been In A Relationship With Jeremy Renner


Jeremy Renner has made some troublesome memories these past barely any months. His application slammed, his ex-attested that he mauled her and traded off her life, and a huge amount of fans are speculating about his status as Hawkeye. In any case, if you looked history, he’s had numerous positive encounters during his time in Hollywood. He’s presumably the most favored individual in Hollywood, and his announcements speak to themselves.

Jeremy Renner is one of Hollywood’s commonly standard and gainful on-screen characters, having landed two Oscar choices and a pined for work in the Avengers movies in somewhat more than five years. Grievously, he’s not invulnerable to discuss, regardless, not for the reasons you may envision. Undoubtedly, there’s some chaotic relationship stuff that is lead to Renner’s own life playing out like catnip for the press, anyway the Marvel legend has also transformed into a web sensation usually for every one of the an improper reasons.

Various acclaimed women have dated Jeremy Renner, and this once-over will give you more bits of knowledge in regards to these lucky ladies. Tallying Jeremy Renner’s present darling, past associations checking a mate, pictures together, and dating bits of tattle, this broad dating history tells all of you that you need to consider Jeremy Renner’s fondness life.

1. When Jeremy Renner Dated Sonni Pacheco (2014 – 2015)

The Avengers star has furtively gotten married with sweetheart Sonni Pacheco. The fearlessly private entertainer affirmed the news himself talking with Capitol File, alluding to Pachecho as his significant other. Sonni Pacheco and Jeremy Renner began dating in October 2011, and wedded on January 13, 2014. They later separated in 2014.

Jeremy Renner And Sonni Pacheco Dating

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2. Jeremy Renner’s Relationship With Janet Montgomery (2011)

In the year 2011, Jeremy Renner was reputed to date Janet Montgomery. Janet Ruth Montgomery is an English film and TV entertainer. Janet Montgomery is referred to for her job as Ames in the second period of Fox’s Human Target, and furthermore for her appearances in The Hills Run Red and Wrong Turn, just as her job as Eric Murphy’s associate Jennie in HBO’s Following.




3. Jeremy Renner When He Dated Charlize Theron (2010)

The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner has forgotten about bits of gossip he’s dating recently single entertainer Charlize Theron, conceding they’re obsessed with one another – however similarly as companions. South African local Theron purportedly cut off her nine-year association with Irish entertainer Stuart Townsend.

Jeremy Renner And Charlize Theron Dating

4. The Relationship Between Jeremy Renner And Jes Macallan (2005 – 2010)

Jeremy Renner was in a relationship with the hot and gorgeous JesMacallan from 2005 – 2010.Jeremy Renner dated entertainer JesMacallan and he made a joke at the time saying she resembledhim as a version of himself with bosoms. JesMacallan, was conceived on August 9th in the year 1982 and is an American on-screen character. She is most popular for her job as Josslyn Carver in theshowtitled Mistresses.

Jeremy Renner And Jes Macallan Dating

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5. When Jeremy Renner Dated Rashida Jones (1995)

Jeremy Renner and Rashida Jones were seeing each otherfor a limited period in the year 1995. Rashida Leah Jones is an American on-screen character, writer, and creator. Rashida is alluded to for including as Ann Perkins on the comic parody Parks and Recreation which circulated during 2009-2015, for which she got fundamental endorsement.




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